It's simple

Easy technological implementation of Recurring Payment, that does not require integration with iPay88 and simplifies your payment collection on repeated payments.

It's fast

In a few quick steps you can offer your customers recurrent payments for subscriptions or monthly fees for your services.

It's safe

iPay88 will maintain all the details of the recurring payments and will report online to you in real-time. Your transactions will be monitored to prevent fraudulent activities.


  • Recurring bill payment;
  • Available only in Malaysian Ringgit;
  • Easy to implement - no integration involved;
  • Helps to save on operational costs;
  • Maintains detailed transaction records;
  • Real-time reporting;
  • Customise your own "Subscription" button.

You are a charity collecting donations. You receive some donations on a monthly basis; however, now your donors were making bank transactions every month.

Avoid hassle by giving your donors an option to schedule their donations every month. Recurring payment option will ease the process and deduct the donation automatically on a date selected.

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