It's simple

Provide iPay88 with a list of recipients and amounts that they should receive. You do not need to be affiliated to iPay88 to execute PayOut.

It's fast

iPay88 will process your request and make the PayOut to the listed recipients on your behalf, saving your time and resources.

It's safe

PayOut is executed through iPay88 system, which is well trusted and is in compliance with the highest security standards.


  • Available in Malaysian Ringgit only;
  • Simplifies the process of mass-payout, saving time and resources;
  • Possibility to cancel the payout, provided that the bank has not processed the payment.

You have to pay salaries to your numerous employees. The process takes time and requires additional human resources.

iPay88's PayOut comes in handy, because by providing us with a list of recipient details and the amounts that need to be transferred, we can do it on your behalf.

Boost your business today. Go iPay88.

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