It's simple

Empower those who do not have access to services of financial institutions to shop online. With iPay88's Pay4Me a payment can be made by a third-party who is not the main shopper.

It's fast

Upon checkout, your customers, having no access to services of financial institutions, will be able to request a third-party to pay on their behalf. Instead of entering their own details, such as name, email, phone number, they will provide information on a payer.

It's safe

Pay4Me transactions are screened through Automated Fraud detection system, which is established to flag suspicious requests. Moreover, a request to pay will be valid for up to 48h.


  • Supports all payment methods (online banking, bank cards and eWallet);
  • Suitable for multi-currency payments;
  • Easy integration into your system;
  • Friendly tech support in case of queries and problems.

Your main customers are children, who do not have bank accounts. You can allow them to buy goods from your website, however, bill their parents.In this case, the shoppers will select products for purchase, but enter their parent's email address, which you will use for an invoice and a link for payment collection.

How does it work?

Allow your customers, who do not have bank accounts to buy your services or products online.

Your customer can make a purchase, but enter email address of a third party who would pay for the goods.

Third party receives an email from a merchant, with a link for payment.

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