It's simple

Easy payment plan gives freedom to your customers to choose an installment plan and pay for the goods or services within a defined period of time. This does not impose any interest fees and is catered for more expensive purchases.

It's fast

Your customers will be able to choose the period of tenure upon checkout and then their credit card will be charged every month for the period of tenure. Technologically, Easy payment plan does not require any additional configuration.

It's safe

Easy payment plan is incorporated with Automated Fraud Screening system, which is designed to prevent illicit activities or purchases. iPay88 will maintain all transaction details and will report to you in real-time.


  • Suitable for Malaysia Ringgit only;
  • Available for credit card holders at Hong Leong Bank and Maybank for purchases over 500 MYR;
  • Length of tenure - three, six, nine, twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six months;
  • Comprehensive reports for financial reconciliation;
  • Bank confirmation should take place instantly;
  • Incorporated with Automated Fraud Screening;
  • International Standard of Security.

Your e-commerce business sells high value items, such as phones, home appliances, etc. Often your clients prefer to pay installments rather than a full amount at once.

By using iPay88 Easy Payment Plan, you will be able to offer your clients to pay monthly throughout an agreed period of tenure.

How does it work?

Customer checks out at a shopping website.

Customer fills in the credit card information and chooses the length of tenure.

Transaction is transmitted to the bank for approval, which should take place instantly.

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