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iPay88 offers four services to correspond to your business model best. Choose your favourite one based on your needs, business size, goals and future prospectives.



Designed with multiple online payment options for Thailand e-merchants forecasting monthly sales to exceed 30,000 - 50,000 THB.


Designed for Thailand e-merchants who have more than 1,000 transactions per month or monthly sales over 3,000,000 - 5,000,000.


We desire to grow Thailand e-commerce industry; if you are interested in growing it together, we want to hear from you.


Direct Link

Direct Link is a simple Internet payment system created for websites and apps to collect payments directly. Customers only have to enter their credit/debit card or online banking/e-wallet details.


Tokenisation is an easy process that will allow you to link your customers' bank card details with a digital token. No additional configuration is required and it will simplify future purchases as entering bank card details will be avoided, which will pace up the purchasing process.

Easy Payment Plan

Easy payment plan gives freedom to your customers to choose an installment plan and pay for the goods or services within a defined period of time. This does not impose any interest fees and is catered for more expensive purchases.

Recurring Payment

Easy technological implementation of Recurring Payment, that does not require integration with iPay88 and simplifies your payment collection on repeated payments.

Email Payment

With iPay88 Email Payment you generate online and send e-invoices and payment requests to your customers and deliver them into their email inbox.


Accept pay-on-delivery payment option by using iPay88 mPOS. Connect your mPOS to a smartphone with access to Bluetooth and Internet to give your customers an option to pay by VISA or MASTERCARD upon delivery.

Campiagn & Promotions

You can offer easily customisable campaigns and promotions to attract more customers, increase your brand awareness and offer shopping incentives.

Virtual Terminal

iPay88 Virtual Terminal is basically an online version of a physical credit card terminal. By having access to a computer and Internet, a merchant can accept payments everywhere.

  • Multi Currency & Extensive Gateway Features provide seamless international purchases in most currencies.

  • Fast approval guarantees that you can start operating your e-commerce business almost immediately and hassle-free.

  • Proven Fraud Prevention System & Monitoring
    in over 14 years has resulted in fraud ratio far below the industry threshold.

Our Amazing Team

Meet remarkable, and skilled people who drive our company.

Lim Kok Hing

Co-founder & Executive Director

Chan Kok Long

Co-founder & Executive Director

Chong Lee Kean

Business Development Director

iPay88 is a leading and award-winning regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. We provide innovative solutions to accept payments online and we strive to work with region’s most progressive businesses.

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